Acid Rain

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Rainwater is naturally slightly acidic. But chemical reactions in the atmosphere can make it even more so. Acid rain harms wildlife and upsets the balance of an ecosystem. In this Planet Diary activity, you'll learn how acid rain forms and what you can do to help reduce it.

  1. What is Acid Rain? Read the first paragraph, then scroll to What is acidity? What's the definition of acid rain?
  2. View this acid rain slide show. What's the main cause of acid rain?
  3. How does acid rain form?
  4. How is it deposited?
  5. How can using renewable energy sources help reduce acid rain?
  6. How does acid rain affect lakes and streams?
  7. How do the tiny particles in air pollution affect human health?
  8. What Can You Do? Read how you can help reduce acid rain. List three things you can do.