The Scoop on Tornadoes

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Do you remember how you felt when you first saw the tornado scene in the Wizard of Oz? For sure, a tornado is one of nature's most terrifying displays. In this activity, you'll explore how tornadoes form and how to stay safe if there's one coming.

  1. Go to Tornadoes: Formation and Safety Tips. Read the caption to Introduction. Where do the most destructive tornadoes come from?
  2. Drag the scrubber (below the picture) to the right to Formation 1. Read the caption. How do huge supercell theunderstorms begin?
  3. Drag the scrubber to Formation 2 and read the caption. What causes rising air to begin rotating vertically?
  4. What is a vortex?
  5. Drag the scrubber to Formation 3 and read the caption. In what region of the supercell does a tornado develop?
  6. Drag the scrubber to Safety Tips and read the caption. Click on the icons on the graphic. Summarize the tips for keeping safe during a tornado.
  7. Read this Planet Diary report Twister Swarm Batters South. Describe how clashes of contrasting air masses spawn tornadoes in the United States.
  8. What/where is Tornado Alley?