How Clean Is Your Air?

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The air is 99% a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen. The other 1% often has pollutants we shouldn't be breathing. You'll find out how clean the air is where you live in this Planet Diary activity.

  1. View today's Air Quality Index (AQI) of the United States. Look at the map colors, then read the color key. What's the AQI rating of today's air in your state?
  2. Which parts of the country have the worst air today?
  3. Select your state from the Local Air Quality Conditions menu (upper right), then click GO. Click the link to the city nearest to you from your state list. View Current Conditions. It has info on the Air Quality Index (AQI) and ozone and particle pollution. What is your local AQI today?
  4. What is your local ozone rating today?
  5. What is your local particles rating today?
  6. Here's a closer look at the AQI. Look closely at the color charts. What's the difference between a yellow and red AQI rating?
  7. Find out more about particle pollution. Why do pollution particles smaller than 10 micrometers cause health problems?
  8. Get the facts on ozone. How does "bad" ozone form?