Global Climate Change

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Cars, factories, and power plants spew huge amounts of heat-trapping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. These gases get much of the blame for global warming. But you contribute your share of greenhouse gases every day too. You'll find out more in this Planet Diary activity.

  1. Go to the EPA's student's guide to Global Climate Change. Watch the introductory video. What happens in the greenhouse effect?
  2. How does all the "extra" carbon dioxide get into the atmosphere?
  3. Click See the Impact. What are some of the signs of global climate change?
  4. What can we expect to happen if the planet keeps getting warmer?
  5. How can we put less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere?
  6. List three things YOU can do to help lower greenhouse gases by reducing your energy use.
  7. Use this climate change calculator to find out how much carbon dioxide you can keep out of the atmosphere.
  8. Go on a Climate Change Expedition to see the effects of climate change around the world. Write your own Planet Diary blog about one place you visited.