The Ozone Layer

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High up the atmosphere, a protective ozone shields us from the Sun's ultraviolet rays. In the 1980s, scientists noticed an alarming thinning of this ozone layer, especially over Antarctica. What caused this ozone "hole"? What's being done about it? You'll find out in this Planet Diary activity.

  1. Start with a look at ultraviolet (UV) rays. Go to Thinning Ozone Layer: More UV Coming to Earth. Click the link to "UV." Why are UV rays dangerous?
  2. Click the link to "Ozone." What stops UV rays from getting to Earth's surface?
  3. What have scientists observed about the ozone layer?
  4. How do CFCs get into the atmosphere?
  5. What is the effect of CFCs on ozone?
  6. What did many countries do to stop CFCs?
  7. Click the link to "Trouble." How do UV-B rays affect amphibians?
  8. Go to NASA's Ozone Hole Watch. What's the latest news about the condition of the ozone hole?