Today's Weather

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What's the weather like today? Meteorologists look at lots of data to answer that question. That's what you'll do in this Planet Diary activity.

  1. Here's a satellite view of today's United States weather. Look at the color scale used for clouds below the map. Based on today's cloud cover, which parts of the country can expect unsettled or stormy weather today?
  2. Check out today's temperature map. Look at the color scale. Which part of the country is coldest today? Which is warmest?
  3. Unsettled weather is often found along weather fronts. Look at today's weather fronts. Cold fronts appear as blue lines with triangles; warm fronts are red lines with semi-circles. Describe the positions of today's cold and warm fronts.
  4. The map also shows areas of high (H) and low (L) barometric pressure. High pressure usually signals clear weather. Low-pressure often means unsettled weather. Where are today's high-pressure areas? Where are the low-pressure areas?
  5. Look at today's precipitation. Where is it raining or snowing?
  6. How closely do the locations of today's unsettled weather correspond to the locations of low pressure areas and weather fronts?