Endangered Species in Your State

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There are hundreds of endangered species in the United States. Some of these species are struggling in your very own state. In this activity, you'll "adopt" one of these species and learn more about it.

  1. Go to these state endangered species lists. Which state has the most endangered species? How many?
  2. How many species are listed in your state?
  3. Click the link for your state. Pick an animal you'd like to "adopt" (with your teacher's approval). Which animal did you choose?
    • Common name:

    • Scientific name:

  4. Click the animal's scientific name to see its profile. Summarize what you learned about its status, range, habitat, threats, etc.
  5. Is the situation improving for your adopted species? Scroll down the profile page and click Nature Serve Explorer Species Reports. Click Conservation Status. Summarize the reasons the species is endangered and progress made in helping it.
  6. Share your results with your classmates. Which species face the biggest challenges to their survival? What are their main threats?
  7. For ideas on ways your class can help endangered species, visit Endangered