Secondhand Smoke

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For sure, smokers endanger their own health. But secondhand smoke endangers everyone, smokers and nonsmokers alike. In this activity, you'll find out about the health risks linked to breathing in someone else's smoke.

  1. Visit the EPA's Health Effects of Exposure to Secondhand Smoke. Read What is Secondhand Smoke? Define secondhand smoke.
  2. How many different chemical substances are found in secondhand smoke?
  3. How many of these are known to cause cancer in humans or animals?
  4. Besides lung cancer, what other health diseases does are linked to secondhand smoke?
  5. Click on Health Risks to Children with Asthma. Give three reasons why children are especially at risk to secondhand smoke.
  6. List five health risks for children exposed to secondhand smoke.
  7. What's the link between secondhand smoke and asthma?
  8. How can smokers protect children from secondhand smoke?