Rainforests of the Sea

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The world's coral reefs are called "rainforests of the sea" with good reason. They are home to an incredible biodiversity. In recent decades, the reefs have come under attack from a variety of threats. You'll find out more in this activity.

  1. Visit EPA's What Are Coral Reefs? What does a coral community consist of?
  2. What role do algae living inside the coral play?
  3. What types of organisms find habitat on coral reefs?
  4. Scroll to Why Are Coral Communities Important? Why are coral reefs good indicators of water quality?
  5. Why are coral reefs so important to the biosphere?
  6. Scroll to What Problems Exist? How do human activities put stress on coral reefs?
  7. Climate change is another problem for reefs. Read this Planet Diary report Great Barrier Reef Threatened. How does coral bleaching occur?
  8. Visit ReefVid and check out the coral reef video collection and take a virtual dive. Write a short Planet Diary blog entry about what you see on one of the reefs.