Sonar and Marine Mammals

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Sonar uses high energy sound waves to find underwater objects. But there's evidence underwater sonar can harm whales and dolphins. You'll find out more in this Planet Diary activity.

  1. Read NOAA's Mass Stranding of Melon-Headed Whales report. Describe what happened in July 2004.
  2. What is the most likely explanation for why the whales became stranded?
  3. Read this Planet Diary report Court Decision Protects Whales. What did Woods Hole research suggest about the effect of Navy sonar on marine mammals?
  4. What evidence is there that sonar tests have been harmful?
  5. Read Whales Stranded in Australia. What do environmentalists think caused the Australia stranding?
  6. Here's another report, Dolphins Stranded in Florida. Why were sonar tests suspected in this stranding?
  7. Go to Lethal Sounds. Watch the video. Then scroll to How Sonar Harms Whales. Describe how sonar physically affects marine mammals.