How Fire Affects Wildlife

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Wildfires leave the landscape charred and ruined. How do surviving animals cope? In this activity, you'll "adopt" an animal to learn how it adapts to this ecological disaster.

  1. Go to Animal Species from the Fire Effects Information System from the USDA Forest Service. Click the link to mammal, bird, reptile, or amphibian. What animal would you like to learn more about? What type of animal is it? What is its scientific name?
  2. Click the animal's name to go to its Introductory Information page. Where does it live? Find this information under Biological Data and Habitat Requirements. Describe its Preferred Habitat.
  3. What does it eat? Scroll to Food Habits. Record what it eats.
  4. How does your animal cope with fire? Return to its home page. Click Fire Effects and Use and read Direct Fire Effects on Animals. How does it escape the scene of the fire?
  5. Summarize how fire impacts your animal's breeding, nesting, predator-evasion, and feeding behaviors.