Shrinking Rainforests

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The world's rainforests are home to an amazing biodiversity. They're rich in natural resources, foods, and medicines. But the forests keep shrinking as deforestation takes its toll. You'll find out more about these precious forests and how we can save them in this Planet Diary activity.

  1. Start with this Planet Diary report Satellites Track Amazon Deforestation. What do the colored dots represent?
  2. Worldwide, how much rainforest is lost each year?
  3. List the reasons rainforests are cut down.
  4. Read these Rainforest Facts. How does the percentage of the planet covered by rainforests now compare to that before widespread deforestation?
  5. Why is Amazonia called the "lungs of the planet"?
  6. Go to Amazon Destruction. How much rainforest has Brazil lost since 1970?
  7. Scroll to A Closer Look at Brazilian Deforestation. What activity hurts Brazil's rainforests the most?
  8. Return to Rainforest Facts. Scroll to Rainforest Action. List three things that can be done to stop rainforest destruction.