Oil Spill ESI Maps

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To prepare for and respond to oil spills, NOAA uses ESI (Environmental Sensitivity Index) maps. These maps describe habitats, animals, plants, and recreational or commercial activities along a particular coast. They help determine exactly how an oil spill threatens the coast. In this activity, you'll find out more about these maps.

  1. Here's a sample ESI map. What does an ESI map show?
  2. How is an ESI map useful when there's an oil spill?
  3. Look at these ESI shoreline types. what types of shorelines are most vulnerable to oil spills?
  4. Here's a summary of biological resources shown on ESI maps. What types of wildlife are most at-risk during oil spills?
  5. Oil spills also affect human-use resources. Describe the different ways oil spills can impact human activities.