Space Shuttle Mission STS-128

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On August 28, 2009, NASA launched the Discovery on the 128th space shuttle mission. The crew included astronaut Jose Hernandez, a contributor to Scott Foresman Science. In this Planet Diary activity, you'll learn all about mission STS-128.

  1. Meet Jose Hernandez and the STS-128 shuttle crew. (Mr. Hernandez is at the far left.) Read the summary of the crew and its mission. What are the payloads onboard the Discovery?
  2. Read the STS-128 mission overview. What's the job of the Leonardo Multi-Purpose Logistics Module?
  3. What will the Materials Science Research Rack and the Fluid Integrated Rack be used for?
  4. Why is the air revitalization system STS-128 is bringing to the International Space Station so important?
  5. Why is it essential for space station astronauts to get vigorous exercise?
  6. Check out this STS-128 mission timeline. Click each day of the mission on the interactive graphic to learn what the Discovery astronauts will accomplish on each day. In your opinion, what was their most interesting task in space?