Thousands of years ago, people began studying the movements of the planets and stars and wondered how our planet fit into the scheme of things. In modern times, we don't just watch the heavens…we explore them. With the help of high-powered space telescopes, space shuttles, orbiting space stations, and traveling space probes, we have learned about the far reaches of this galaxy and beyond. When astronomical events and human endeavors reveal new information about the universe, Planet Diary will cover them.

Planet Diary Activities

Sky and Telescope
This great online astronomy magazine has the latest reports on space-related events. It's also a wonderful source for information on eclipses, meteor showers, and other space phenomena.

NASA Home Page
What would a space site be without a link to the National Aeronautic and Space Administration?

Exploratorium Observatory
This terrific site offers information and activities on auroras, eclipses, sunspots and lots more.

Space Weather Bureau
How strong is today's solar wind? Are there any geomagnetic storms on the way? Get the latest space weather reports here.

Black Hole Rescue!
Everything you ever wanted to know about black holes.

Journey to a Black Hole
This cool Hubble site lets you scan the skies for signs of black holes.

Goddard Space Flight Center
The GSFC has frequently updated information and images from space.

The Hubble Space Telescope
See the latest amazing images from the Hubble Space Telescope.

Spectra from Space
This site provides a look at four orbiting observatories, including the Hubble telescope, dedicated to different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Star Journey
This excellent online exhibit from National Geographic features a virtual model of the Hubble Space Telescope, and a Star Chart linked to spectacular Hubble photographs.

Earth and Sky
Earth and Sky is a daily radio program that answers everyday science questions. Find out when and where to hear the show or learn more about the topics they've covered in the past.

Eric Weisstein's World of Astronomy
Does astronomy jargon baffle you? Use this site to look up astronomy words and get brief definitions, as well as links to related terms. Eric is an astronomer at the University of Virginia.

The Planets
Doing a report on a planet? Learn about the history, mythology, and science behind the planets of our solar system.

Build a Solar System
This cool Exploratorium page shows you how to make a scale model of the solar system.

Solar Learning Activities
Make a sundial or investigate solar cycles. You'll find several activities about our sun at this Yohkoh Public Outreach Project Web site.